Rent the movie

Posted: 12/05/2005 in film

A weepy, yet uplifting musical about a group of friends living on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, since none of them have learnt how to type or mastered basic office skills they have difficulty making the rent. My only complaint is that the role of Benny, the bohemian turned yuppie didn’t really work and we seemed to be missing a solo number that would explain his past. And I wanted more on Tom Collins the philosopher, please expand on why he got thrown out of MIT for his philosophising. The experience of a freezing bohemian life was made all the more real by my local cinema not turning on the heating during this afternoons showing. Since I am jaunting off this week I had better mention Jarhead and Syriana.

Jarhead captures the frustrations of a group of marine snipers during the Gulf War. Although the skills of a sniper must be kept alive, they only have a limited use in modern warfare. They run through endless training scenarios, honing the skills they are unable to put into practice. Syriana is a taut political thriller about the oil industry. It is complex and utterly engaging. Three performances that stood out: George Clooney as the tired CIA agent, Alexander Siddig as the reformist prince and Jeffrey Wright who had the winning line ‘We must give the appearance of due diligence’.


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