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Posted: 11/07/2005 in film

We played this game at work on Friday (doh) and it was fun. You get all in your group to bring in their favourite film scenes, and discuss what they say about you (cheap therapy if you like). For example one guy brought in Falling Down, I will make sure his coffee is just right in the morning and implement safe guards so we NEVER run out of his favourite pens. My choices were:

I was aghast to discover that no one in my office had seen or heard of the classic Withnail and I. Surely it is just plain wrong to have got to adulthood without knowing about the Camberwell Carrot or Uncle Monty. I tried to explain the chicken on the brick scene but they just didn’t quite grasp it. I am obviously working with real grown-ups who have never made their sunday roast dance about the kitchen prior to having a lemon shoved up its rear end.

  1. Gideon says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the number of even english people who haven’t seen Withnail & I which is a true classic film.

    As your colleagues didn’t get the chicken on a brick scene, do you reckon they would appreciatte the Withnail & I drinking game? Drink what they drink when they drink it…….with the possible exception of the lighter fluid….I gurantee you won’t make it through the film even without the lighter fluid.

  2. Surely if you wanted to not anger him, you’d give him breakfast at 10.45am even if you’d stopped serving at 10.30am? Oh, and not be a pimply teenager? and give the guy a job for life too?

    Might be easier to ban him from all gun shops, and Korean corner stores.

  3. I should also point out that Withnail & I is highly over-rated, and I have unfortunately yet to see Say Anything.

  4. Daisy says:

    Confession #1: Haven’t seen Withnail and I
    Confession #2: No burning desire to see it either but you’re starting to change my mind.

    I’m sure it’ll make its way over to you stateside but last night I saw a new BBC version of Much Ado About Nothing – highly recommended!

  5. Leah says:

    I am considering making an appreciation for WN&I a prequiste for entry to my blog 🙂

    BDB (aka Wonderful Electric) my Mum was not impressed by your dismissive attitude to the aforementioned film.

  6. The Younger Brother says:

    If I were you I would stop making him coffee and switch to Green Tea. Hide his favourate pens! I think he he faking his psycho alter ego and I would call his bluff.

  7. Your Mum loves Withnail & I? I just wish I knew someone who loved movies. *sigh*

  8. GoL says:

    Won.Elect. – Hope the ‘sigh’ was genuine – I’m 3rd generation movie maven – my great-gran had her own reserved seat at the local cinema (pre-talkies), ditto gran, and my mother used to take me as a babe in arms complete with an egg-cup of virol (to dip dummy in and keep me quiet). The dottir is 4th generation escapism-afflicted. Unfortunately, you youngsters have missed out on the stamina building ‘B-movie before the Main Film’ experience – think ambitious scripts, think earnest/riseable acting, shakey scenery: cowboys with white hats & black hats and too many or not enough horses/native Americans: think one camera angle and production values that would make Blakes 7 look like Blade Runner…think Ed Wood…after which ANY main feature was appreciated. Yup, I will watch just about anything, with a love borderning on no discernment!
    As for W&I – I was a drama student in early 70’s and the characters are all too close to the reality of the time….those were the days….sigh….

  9. Alas, Her Indoors is not a movie fan. Every time I try to put a non-romantic film on she falls asleep in 10 mins. Hell, with a romantic film on she falls asleep in 20 mins.

    I took her to see Wallace & Gromit. I was laughing like a loon. she fell asleep.

    My parents never saw the point in cinema – to them it was a waste of money.

    I’ll just have to educate the next generation. When I can get over my blog/broadband addiction. Help me!

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