Mind muddle

Posted: 10/21/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

My western brain is finding it hard to digest ancient philosophers musings….Anaximander’s apeiron has a touch of the Blackadder about it (the episode involving “finest green”). Okay, not really since apeiron is an abstract concept of “first principle” (think building blocks of life and the universe), and green was alchemy gone wild. But, you know what I mean!

Personally I think the whole concept of apeiron came from a drunken night out with the boys from Milesians: Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes (or philosopher 1, philosopher 2 and philosopher 3). The wine was flowing and Thales (philosopher 1) put forth his suggestion that first principle was water. Then Anaximenes (philosopher 3) piped up with air, or perhaps intelligent air? Then at some point between “air” and the kebab shop Anaximander (philosopher 2) decided to blind side them with apeiron.

Apeiron is different from all other elements, it is divine and the source of everything. Me thinks that apeiron is Greek for “chili sauce”. In kebab shops sauces do tend to defy the laws of nature and have infinite sell by dates, they can taste divine (when consumed drunk) and at others times can be considered indigestible (=indestructible).

I think I need a break from the books.

  1. Stephen says:

    Percy: Oh, Edmund, can it be true? that I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest green?

    Edmund: Indeed you do, Percy, except, of course, it’s not only a nugget as it is more of a splat.

    Percy: Well, yes, a splat today, but tomorrow, who knows? or dares to dream!

    I’m rather looking forward to philosophy now 😉

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