Posted: 09/19/2005 in Daily Grumbling

We’re both still up. We’ve tried the counting of woolly four legged mammals, lying very still and pretending to be asleep, and listening to techie podcasts. At two we caved in, and got up. Alex is programming, and I straightened the flat, caught up with olde fashioned written correspondence and Octobers bunch of birthday cards. My eyes heart, but still no fatigue. I’ve just discovered that there is a new Haley on The Archers, and weighing up listening to The Today show live. I am going to start browsing thru The Oxford Classical Dictionary which is three inches (if not a foot thick).

Looks like tomorrow today will be a black coffee day.

  1. Alex says:

    No, not programming. Just doing some spring cleaning on the laptop that I should have done many weeks ago. Starbuck day today…

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