Viewer Discretion Advised

Posted: 09/10/2005 in television

Are three little words that appear before the majority of the television shows that I find myself tuning into of an evening. It is good that they flag them for parents or for those who might not find them to their taste. IMO this warning should also flash up before some of the breakfast shows and family friendly programs, which are so sugar coated that the viewer is liable to slip into a diabetic coma. I want edgy story lines and dialogue. I want to be provoked and treated like an adult. I want more of the following…


Gaudy, provocative and best enjoyed when you check your Judeo-Christian values at the door. A slow burner (think The Wire in togas with British accents) with conspiracies to be set up, loyalties exposed and characters established. I am probably biased, but I love every aspect of it. Particularly the aspects which challenge todays morals. Slavery is mandatory, and women don’t fair much better. They are either the property of their father, husband or owner. Rich and powerful women like Atia and Servilia can be described as invisible rulers, promoting their children at every opportunity and silently working behind the scenes. The Desperate Housewives pale in comparison. I can’t see Susan sacrificing an ox and then drenching herself in the blood for the safe return of her daughter from summer camp.

Prison Break

How far would you go to save your sibling? Tattoo your torso in a complex (yet possibly significant) manner, exchange your successful career as a structural engineer for a stretch, pretend to be a diabetic and loose a toe or two. One moody brother, Lincoln Burrows, is on death row awaiting execution for murdering the VP’s brother. The other moody brother, Michael Scofield, has a plan to execute that would make the Count of Monte Cristo proud. It could be very silly, but it’s not and the concept works as long as you don’t over analysis (rather like the Terminator paradox). And, Wentworth Miller is awesome as the freakishly focused Michael. Is Lincoln really innocent? Will they escape? Why do the siblings have different surname – to confuse the judge or different parentage?

Mark Wanted and NCIS down as loud brash guilty pleasures. I can’t wait for Grissom and co. to return, and of course the acerbic House.

  1. Alex says:

    From Battlestar Galatica Blog:

    “I’ll second the question – why is it that the paper in the Galactica universe has the corners cut off, even the tractor fed printer sheets! i just want to know.”

    This is a closely guarded secret of the show and certainly not a wacky design element that someone came up with during the miniseries.

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