Long Weekend: Part 1

Posted: 09/03/2005 in books, Daily Grumbling

Very satisfying start to the lazy weekend. I finished A Noble Radiance in two sittings, another excellent Commissario Brunetto mystery from Donna Leon. I love that they are set in Venice, and that there is equal focus on food and family, and murder and intrigue. Being a tad anal I like to read detective series in order, and for some reason not all the Brunetto books are currently published in the US. There are random jumps in the fossil record (so to speak). The first, second, fifth, seventh, twelfth, thirteen and fourteenth are available at any good bookshop. So my reading is interrupted as I am forced to hunt the missing tomes at specialised bookshops that import from the UK, or order them myself from Amazon.co.uk. It’s just rather frustrating, thank goodness for the internet. Placating book lovers everywhere.

  1. iliana says:

    I really enjoy the Donna Leon books too! I just discovered her this year so I’m trying to catch up. I’m in the middle of a Venetian Reckoning.

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