a bit of a shaggy dog post

Posted: 08/30/2005 in Daily Grumbling

It was the winter of 1976 (or perhaps the spring of ’77) when my mum invited the fairy godmothers and fathers over to dispel their gifts on little old moi. As I grew, and my personality was established it would appear that one or two fairies were absent.

Diligence and Prudence were early, and helped with put the sparkly coats and cloaks in the spare room. The usual suspects transcended for the cake and sherry; Happiness, Intelligence, Sarcasm (with his twin Cynicism) and Curiosity. Tenacity was forced to send his benediction by a fog of glittery dust, as he was stuck in his flat in an OCD trance over the stove and light switch. Diffidence was late, but unapologetic. Whist Stubbornness lurked outside, refusing to come in and it was left to Generosity to pass food parcels through the window. There was a fight between Optimism and Pessimism over the last sausage roll, and ironically Patience failed to show.

And this is my long winded way of saying that I am desperate to bother the good people of UoL for the hundredth time. But I wont, I’ll harness that determination of mine and give it till the end of the week for my parcel of education goodies to arrive. I think I have already become their most anxious student. There was a form they forgot to include in the registration pack. So utilised every medium at my disposal and scanned, faxed and mailed it back to them. Yeah, I need to get a life or something.


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