Posted: 08/13/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

My brother is sassing me long distance, here is his latest email:

Hi Farty, 

How’s you back, my was a bit sore after carrying a whole load of bricks, wood, cement… umpaloopa’s … you got yours by opening a window, how big was window?

Here is the next bit of film of the Decking and a clean kitchen window.



In my defense it was larger than a porthole. In the past emailing my brother has been a one way thing, with my communicates being sucked into the black hole of sibling indifference. But, over the past few weeks he’s sent me six or so 20 sec home video attachments detailing the progress of “landscaping” our mum’s back garden. The quality isn’t great, he appears to be under the impression that he is filming a vox pop for MTV (lots of swirly drunken camera shots), but it is nice to see what is going on the homestead.


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