Posted: 08/08/2005 in Me Me Me

Whilst I sit here fuming that there is nothing in any of my mail boxes (virtual or actual), I shall answer Fi questions. A big thanks for taking the time to come up with some questions and giving me something to mull over today.

1) What was you favourite part of your visit to Boston last year? Would you go back?

The jelly fish at the aquarium, amazing creatures. It is a strange city with plenty of beautiful examples of architecture, but in many central parts (especially near the park) it is filthy and decaying (a bit like Glasgow). I would go back to visit, but not sure if I would ever want to live there.

2) Who was the best Doctor Who and why?

Ones allegiance to a particular Doctor over another can be generational (a bit like Bond). My mum grew up with black and white, very cranky Doctors and was slightly dismissive of the jovial Sylvester McCoy who haunted my childhood. I do want to go back and watch all the different re-generations and see who is my true favourite. But, for the moment my best Doctor is Christopher Eccleston. I love the way he embraces life, it’s intoxicating and I guess he has to live life to the full as the last Time Lord.

3) You can visit any country you want (and money’s no object) – would you put yourself up in the poshest hotels and get a guide or budget option and make your own way around?

Without skipping a beat Australia/New Zealand, with the not mentioned mid-range hotel option but exploring on my own (with Alex there to stop me getting too lost). I can’t stand the attitude found in posh posh or ultra hip slash chic hotels. Wanna be models at the door, and on the reception desk, sneering at you and tutting as if your loitering spoils the design. I think I have paid by dues in budget digs. One too many geological field trips spent sleeping in leaky caravans in the Lake District/Wales, and a particularly hair raising tour of Northern Spain’s most dubious hotels. Some of the sheets had not been changed since the days of Franco, and the Bates Motel would have been more welcoming. But, you’ve not really lived until you spend a night fully dressed in your sleeping bag on top of the bed, with a chair against the door as the lock is bust.

(And it looks as if we might be doing the Australia/New Zealand trip next Sept/Oct, so watch this space)

4) What do you like the best about New York? And what’s the worst thing?

New York really does have a kinetic energy that pulses. Everyone is living their own dream, or striving to achieve it. No sitting on your arse waiting for that promotion or change in your life. (Which probably explains why I find it so hard to sit about waiting for the holy grail of forms from the UoL.)

The worst thing are the street hawkers at the World Trade Centre site selling glossy brochures, picture postcards and tees emblazoned with the burning towers and the words “Tragedy” (in sixteen languages). It makes me sad that there is a demand for this tat, if not the hawkers would have gone back to knock off handbags and purses.

5) What’s your favourite meal and can you/could you cook it yourself?

Shepard’s Pie (made with real shepards). Very simple, but make sure the mince in a thick gravy (with onions and green beans) and fluffy mashed potatoes (with plenty of butter), but delicious.

If you want me to interview you, leave a message and if you are a lurker (mum) without a blog I’ll post your answers here… Come on mum, put the trowel down and answers some important questions… Like, which child do you love more – me or Jonty (remember I am the one that does the washing up and makes tea on cue), what level did you reach in karate?

  1. Fi says:

    Mmm…sheperds pie! Also nice with a leetle bit of grated cheese on top.

    Good winter food!

  2. iliana says:

    I totally agree with you regarding the street hawkers at the World Trade Center.

    I’m going to Boston in September for a couple of days. I’ve never been there so I’m super excited. Any recommendations?

    Can’t wait to hear more about the planned trip to Australia & New Zealand. I’m jealous!

  3. Prisoner of Plumstead says:

    O.k. I lurk and as I lurk I am struck by ‘shepherds’ pie’ as in herders of sheep – complete with ovenware & oven gloves looking for twig-mark 6 on the windy hillsides instead of watching sheep. What can I say – obviously an epic dish.

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