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Posted: 08/03/2005 in film

Last Saturday afternoon I gave Alex a choice – alone time with the x-box or chick flick with the wife. Let’s just say I lone wolfed it to Must Love Dogs. Not an earth shattering film, but it has a slight spin on an old time old situation. The premise has two separate sets of meddling friends and kin trying to get the equally broken hearted Sarah, played by Diane Lane who has cornered the market as the grown-up Molly Ringwald, and Jake, the still dishy even though he’s aging John Cusack, to rejoin the real world and start dating again. Low and behold they meet through, insult each other and not quite get it together. A cad and a poppet get in the way, but then all is resolved. Throw in an mature relationship, a few gay ones and you are good to go.

The antithesis to the aforementioned rom com was My Summer of Love. Quite a bizarre tale, set in a depressed northern town in England. A working class girl (Mona) and her posh counterpart (Tasmin) strike up a precarious sappic relationship over the summer holidays. There is something uneasy hiding in the background through out, like Mona’s brother trying to repress his naturally violent tendencies. You just know that it is not going to end well (more Picnic at Hanging Rock than The Shining).

  1. Fi says:

    Hi Leah, your interview is ready! See the comments field in yesterday’s post.

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