BSG 75

Posted: 07/11/2005 in television

If I had seen BSG whilst Enterprise was limping across our screens I would have been one pissed trekkie. This is so much better, and tackles important issues that our society face; tolerance and the plight of refugees. Lets face it this is a refugee soap opera set in space, just on a HUGE scale. But, the fundamentals are the same. We all need water, food and some where safe to sleep.

I love that they have taken the original BSG, but refashioned. Genius, is all I can say about the reasoning of why the ship looks and functions as it does. IMO there is a pronounced antipodean/asian feel, that I think goes further than the chopsticks and tribal tattoos. Maybe it’s an extension of the “colony” theme. The action sequences are underpinned by a primal drum score that effectively adds to the drama. The characters are compelling, yet they haven’t made them overly sympathetic. And IMO James Callis as Gaius Baltar is simply heaven. His interactions with the vixen Cylon are pushed to the edge tragic comedic slapstick, and he just oozes narcissism.

Sorry this isn’t more organised and eloquent. I am just that excited and gushing (it’s that good). Now, what is keeping Alex so we can watch another episode.


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