double feature

Posted: 07/09/2005 in film

Ignore the weak reviews, there is nothing wrong with the Fantastic Four. It is a perfect example of a slightly quirky super-hero action flick. I found it more entertaining than the Spiderman franchise, and doesn’t take itself as seriously as the direr Electra or Catwoman. There is a nice snippy chemistry between the four heros, some v. funny episodes when they are discovering their new found powers, and in-house squabbling. Plus, an above standard sneering villian, played by the yummy Julian “Home and Away” McMahon, Victor Von Doom. The four goodies, plus Doom, are on a space station when something dodgy in the way of cosmic radiation washes over them and once back on Earth they have mutated. It is a standard plot, but nicely executed.

I was slightly hesitant about The Island, it was either going to be fabulous or Pearl Harbour. It was the former. One hundred and fifty minutes of pure popcorn entertainment. I LOVED IT. It is what hot summers were made for. Scary futuristic technology, car chases, clones, an evil Brit (looking forward to Flightplan) with a God complex, adorable and funny Ewan McGregor, droll and equally adorable Steve Buscemi, more car chases, a liberal dollop of product placement, hover bikes and running. My god they barely stood still long enough for that lingering shot that would captured the brand of their sneakers, clothes, sunglasses or watches. Ewan ran his socks off. He ran around the slightly eery utopian complex, ran to the most definitely eery hospital, ran back to rescue Scarlett, then they started running out of the complex, thru the desert and on to LA. Then for good measure they ran around LA. I don’t know about them, but I was exhausted.

My only complaint was that it was just a tad too long, but there is a lot of action to squeeze in and you get your $10 worth, and more of a character for Djimon Hounsou.


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