they came from the Garden State

Posted: 07/02/2005 in film

Well, I really liked Spielberg’s War of The Worlds (Alex was luke warm about it), I was suitably scared and schmaltzed. It was a real homage to classic sci-fi features (The Blob, When Worlds Collide, The Day the Earth Stood Still, etc), and you can’t beat a film that opens in a New Jersey container yard.

Cruise (looking like a gent who could be harboring an aging picture in his attic) is your blue collar Joe, a divorced union man, perhaps a high school star who has fallen from grace in adulthood and a dead beat dad to boot. The updated WOTW is every parents nightmare, what happens when aliens invade and your kids are at your less than reliable ex’s. The Tripods are suitable spooky, the tension builds through out and you are left fearing the human mob as much as the alien invaders. Instead of the protagonist saving the world, he is left trying to survive and gain the respect of his children. This would make a great drive in movie of old, and I think I might re-read the HG Wells classic.


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