too hot

Posted: 06/28/2005 in books, Me Me Me

and clammy to think for myself, so I am going to half inch this me me from Book Girl.

List five books you liked well enough as a teen to read again as an adult.

  1. Mosquito Coast by Paul Theroux
  2. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
  3. The Collector by John Fowles
  4. The Wasp Factory by Ian Banks
  5. Any of the Jeeves and Wooster series by PG Wodehouse

List five books or authors you’ll never read unless someone pays you at least a thousand dollars cash in advance to do so and even then you might be tempted not to do it.

  1. J. R. R. Tolkien
  2. Dan Brown
  3. Samuel Richardson
  4. Margaret Atwood
  5. Herman Melville
  1. jennifer c. says:

    What? You didn’t like Moby Dick? Or A Handmaid’s Tale?

  2. Leah Hung says:

    Yeah, I just didn’t get Moby Dick and The Handmaid’s Tale drove me crazy. Interesting premise, but I didn’t like her focus and I felt it could have been more interesting (IMO). I much prefer The Children of Men by PD James, which deals with a childless future.

  3. iliana says:

    I am quite impressed by the books you were reading as a teen! And, oh yes, I should have said Tolkien as well – am so not interested in those books.

  4. Leah says:

    Wasted my reckless teenage years curled up with a good read. Oh, how things have changed!

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