spell casting

Posted: 06/25/2005 in film

Quite a sweet twist with Bewitched. Instead of a straightforward vanilla remake we have a film centered around a new cast remaking the tv show and they unknowingly pick a real witch to play Samantha. It is as light and frothy as a cappuccino, but could have done with being resized as it did drag in places. Nicole Kidman, looked as beautiful as ever decked out in skirts/cropped jeans and cute knit wear. And she carried off the spoilt witch trying to make it without magic (think Rachel in Friends cutting up her father’s credit cards). Will Ferrell was a bumbling ass (or should that be Bottom) of an actor in desperate need of a hit. But, the star was Michael Caine’s cameo as Kidman’s father. Delightful. Tighter editing would have made for a snappier production, and more interactions between Caine and Kidman would bring more belly laughs. But, overall a pleasant way to spend a few hours on a Friday night.

But, if you are in need of a more substantial witch themed romcom look to Practical Magic. One of my all time favourite chick flicks, in fact I might re-watch it this afternoon.


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