a simple life

Posted: 06/25/2005 in Daily Grumbling

I like to think that simple things make me happy. An eagerly anticipated film or a new episode of House or 24, the next Harry Potter installment, a chatty email, a $20 theatre ticket, seeing family/friends and the knowledge that there will be a new Alexander McCall Smith published in September. I don’t need diamonds or flashy cars to keep me content, though they might had a little frosting to my life.

My current mantra is to be happy, enjoy life and just not take it seriously. Because, after all does any of this really matter? I am proving to be the most jocular of office coordinators slash receptionist. Always a smile, always a witty remake and always out of the door by five thirty. I must admit, that I do bring an air of pretension to the job. I nearly always have some classical play or text book carelessly lying on my desk, just to remind people that this is merely a transition phase and I am cultivating my brain for a more cerebral role.

Of course, Alex would say that the other “simple things” I need in my life are cable, TiVo and a wireless internet connection – but aren’t these mere bread and butter basics?


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