the unluckiest woman of all

Posted: 06/19/2005 in Misc

She once reined as Queen of Troy, before those pesky Greeks turned up, and was then reduced to becoming a slave by the conquering armies. Forced to watch her city crumble, and her family destroyed. All because her son Paris took a likening to a certain girl by the name of Helen. This once noble and proud woman is transformed into a suffering wretch. Left to lament and wail over the bodies of her children.

She is Hecuba, and is currently being played by Vanessa Redgrave in an awesome production of Euripides’ play of the same name. After the truly appalling shambles that was Julius Caesar, I really needed the RSC to breeze into town and remind me how it should be done. The single set of rows of tents set the tone and provoked current memories of refugee camps. The delivery was spot on, neither rushed nor hammed up. I particularly enjoyed the singing chorus of Women of Troy.

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