little ms organised

Posted: 06/19/2005 in Daily Grumbling

I am the self-confessed queen of the post-its, scribbled notes on the backs of envelopes and half used notebooks that are thrown over when something with a funkier cover is discovered.

This cannot continue. It will end in disaster, and it did (sort off). When I was filling out health insurance forms at work I forgot my wedding anniversary (I knew it was the end of Sept). Even worse, since Alex is without his Treo he couldn’t remember either! Needless to say I was mortified.

Today, I decided throw off my semi-luddite shackles and put everything into my mac. Birthdays (with annual recurrences and reminders), addresses, random notes, and most impressively my finances into an accounts software packages. I do not care if this turns me into the worlds second biggest nerd (I am obviously married to number one :). If it cuts me some slack for the autumn and college starting then will be worth the effort.

Now, I just need to start thinking about Christmas….


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