tempus fugit

Posted: 06/17/2005 in Daily Grumbling

I have so many things to write about and review. Plenty of scraps of paper on my desk just waiting to be typed up. I will get round to it this weekend, promise. Last night I had my first filling at my new dentist, and it was a big one. Three different drill heads, and I was amazed there was any tooth left to fill! I made the mistake of booking my next appointment for Monday lunchtime. Should be fun spending the afternoon lisping 🙂

Miracle of miracles, I managed to wake up at 6 am today and I will be going to the early yoga class. This is the third time this week I tried to raise myself from my death like slumber! So now I just have to shower, dress, book Batman Begins tickets and actually leave the flat before 7!


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