burning elements

Posted: 06/14/2005 in Daily Grumbling

It has been in the thirties for the past few weeks and I am so over summer that I am champing at the bit for the fall (and the delights of becoming a student again, yeah). When I first came to America I was floored by the air con, now I fear that I am immune and will soon be joining the crank it up brigade. Bank vestibules no longer chill me to the bone and I am forced to smuggle in iced lattes to the cinema to cool me down. I am turning into an addict that needs a bigger hit in order to feel the effect, unless of course it is getting hotter and therefore the air con is just not as effective?

We’re not having a summer holiday this year, hopefully we’ll go to Florida in Sept for a little bit of shuttle action, instead we are going to try and enjoy the city (or at least the air conditioned parts) . Plenty of street side bistros to linger in and forget that we’re not on the continent. Finally a summer full of blockbusters worth queuing for. Got my eye on a few theatrical excursions (that I might have to lone wolf it), galleries to be bemused in and perhaps some open air concerts to attend. Not to mention the umpteen books and DVDs we have littered about the flat.

And kicking off our summer in the city is Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill revisited tour at Radio City tomorrow night.

  1. jennifer c. says:

    thirties? what? centigrade? translate to fahrenheit! I’m a stupid american!

  2. Leah Hung says:

    In fahrenheit high eighties, in kelvin 303, in flaming zinc speak several iced coffees and laying down in a darken room with a damp towel over my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

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