Posted: 06/10/2005 in Me Me Me

three physical things you like about yourself:

1) bad eye sight

2) excellent hearing

3) long hair (still a novelty)

three physical things you don’t:

1) potential double chin

2) tendency to slouch

3) the effects of gravity

three things that scare you:

1) water

2) boats

3) aquariums

three of your everyday essentials:

1) caffeine

2) words

3) humour

three things you are wearing now:

1) glasses

2) pjs

3) earrings

three of your favorite bands or musical:

1) the police

2) paul kelly

3) the rolling stones

three things you want in a relationship:

1) respect

2) laughter

3) stability

two truths and a lie (which is a lie?):

1) the moon is made of cheese

2) the earth circles the sun

3) gravity is just a theory

three physical things that turn you on:

1) humour

2) height

3) hormones

three of your favourite hobbies:

1) reading

2) films

3) learning

three things you want to do really badly:

1) get a tattoo

2) start my course

3) live long and prosper

three careers you are considering:

1) tinker, tailor, soldier, spy

2) student/educator

3) curator

three places you want to go on vacation:

1) greece

2) italy

3) australia

three things you want to do before you die:

1) get a tattoo

2) read all the penguin classics

3) feel complete

three ppl you are throwing this to next:

my fear of being ignored, stops me from tagging.


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