DVD meme (under pain of death)

Posted: 06/08/2005 in film

Surprise, surprise Alex tagged me. No external pressure applied to that decision.

Total number of films I own on DVD/video: Not enough. My extensive collection was truncated when we left the UK, and I gave all the region twos to my mum as a part rent payment (along with furniture, electrical equipment and our Star-Trek VHS collection).

The last film I bought: I have worshipped Clive Owen from afar, now it is time to get a little Closer.

The last film I watched: In the cinema it was Star Wars Episode 3 and at home The Clearing (which was rather disappointing, glad I saw it on cable rather than purchasing it).

Five Seven films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):

Practical Magic: An almost perfect chick flick. Love the batty old aunts, and I would live in the semi-countryside if I could have a house like theirs.

Thelma and Louise: The cinematography takes your breath away, and it has a very un-Hollywood Hollywood ending.

Reservoir Dogs: ‘Cos I saw it with my mum before it was cool and hip (and yes, I was under age – so very Tarrantino style parenting from the giver of life) and there was only seven other bods in the cinema and we were the only females.

Witness: Hey, enough to make any lass wanna go a little Amish.

Playing by Heart: An ensemble cast to die for and just low key enough to let everyone shine. But, Dennis Quaid steals my heart (but, hey the Thursday night NBC line up aint that fierce any more).

Closer: Portman and Owen are to die for. They ask the questions that we all want to ask, but read the play there is an amazing dialogue on men and baggage.

Charade: More twists and turns, then a twisty turny thing.

I very much doubt if five ppl read my blog, so an open tagging invite. Knock yourselves out, folks.


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