the wedding of the century

Posted: 06/04/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

Now a week since the do, and I am still shell shocked by the whole event. Will anyone involved ever truly recover? And, IMO your fifties is the perfect time in life to marry!

Last Saturday the great and the good gathered in the car park of the local swimming baths in Lochgilphead (which is on the picturesque west coast of Scotland). Then we proceeded carnival style to a little chapel on some laird type dude’s estate (trust me Hogwarts would have been easier to find). The groom, best man and the very reverent Reverent Roy were in full traditional dress plus tricornered hats and period collars (curtsey of my talented mum). If it had not been raining then my brother, dressed in his battle reenactment gear (plus tricornered hat), would have been sword fighting my uncle instead he lurked in the entrance hall.

The atmosphere was jolly, but intense. The piper started up, then the organist and the oh so serious bridesmaids slowly started their descent. The bride, my aunt to be Trish, appeared and looked ever so radiant in a red 50s style dress. She was given away by her two grown sons. The blessing was relaxed, and the couple read a poem about being bidie-ins and lit a candle. Then we were offered the chance to light candles for those not present, and after stumbling over a flooded cattle grid on the way out we headed to the community resource centre for the actual ceremony. Our car got a little lost, but by the time we arrived a big crowd had gathered. The family from the chapel were joined by more friends and clients from the resource centre. There was an open invitation for anyone who wanted to be a bridesmaid, so the numbers swelled to a royal-like seventeen (including a cross dresser and clients from the centre – inclusion was the name of the game).

The hoards tried to mull about in the centre but Rev Roy kept ushering us out doors, into the drizzle to await the bride. When she made her second entrance I just knew she was the one for my uncle, daft as a brush like the rest of us. A horse trotted down and it was followed by a car pulling a bright yellow dive raft with Trish and her chief bridesmaid aboard! The ceremony was fab, the speeches warm and funny, they smashed a glass and we shouted “Muselltoff”, they jumped the broom and cut the cake with a sword. I’d have done the journey twice over, it was such an amazing occasion.

Other random but interesting things that happened…my uncle dressed one of the reception rooms as an indoor marque (complete with tent poles and ivy), my brother confessed to being banned from doing pirate impressions at work and later kept telling ppl he had two wooden legs. The last statement was to try and get him out of dancing…it didn’t work and he was forced to do a very strange straight legged routine to back up his limbless claim.


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