predictable housewives

Posted: 05/23/2005 in television

What a (slight) yawn the season finale of the usually exciting Desperate Housewives turned out to be! Obvious that Rex was not long for this world and that psycho Zach is probably Mike’s illegitimate spawn. At least Tom stood up for himself, with the I’ll have a go minding the kids and pushing the hoover about a bit and you can get back out earning! Oh, yeah and I guess the new family, the Applewhites, have a secret hidden in the basement (the live kind).

Tonight is the two hour crash and burn to this series of 24…the clever money is on a BIG cliff hanger. I am missing Jack being on the outside rather than working with the system and I don’t think Tony is long for this non-reality.

  1. Alex says:

    I don’t think Rex is dead, dead. I bet he is in hiding, trying to figure out whether Bree is really spiking his food, and why.

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