laundry wars

Posted: 05/19/2005 in Daily Grumbling

I got let off work early due to my Star Wars induced fatigue. Nothing like being rewarded for silly behavior. I have to say that it was totally worth queuing for six plus hours. I am going to have to watch it again in a week or so, as there was just too much to take in. Whilst waiting for my galactic review here is my gripe for the day, we have a communal laundry and there has been a load of dry washing in the tumble drier since I got back at half four! This has slashed my drying ability by half, and I am forced to make intermitted trips to see if they have been claimed.

  1. GOL says:

    Setting: v.busy Staff Room – above the noise – handsome young music teacher shouts – ‘Glenys – who are the Sith?’ There is a sudden lull – eyes turn towards Yoda’s mum … The fact that I can not only reply but give a back-fill is all due to a miss-spent youth/middle/old age & fanatical daughter… so thanks for the Street cred….It might be rubbish – but it is great rubbish!

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