vapor trails

Posted: 05/16/2005 in television

I’ve turned a little sci-fi geeky at the moment. At work I was accused of being “One of those people” . I assume that referred to my forth outing to the midnight showing of Episode 3. I am sure that after Wednesday I’ll have worked out of my system all tales set in galaxies far, far away (for a while). In the meantime, my musings on the final three Enterprise episodes… Manny Coto has done an excellent job of reanimating the series, so why did they let Messieurs. Braga and Berman fiddle with the final episode?

The two part arc (Demons and Terra Prime) focused on how the establishment of the Federation was under threat by xenophobes. There was a heart breaking sub plot involving T’Pol and Trip’s test tube born bairn, yet another stirring performance by Jolene Balock (so still yet emotional). I really thought the finale was going to see the development of their relationship, unlike Alex who thought the whole saga would turn out to be a holodeck adventure. We were both wrong. Instead B&B gave us a flashback episode to a dull, painting by numbers adventure (were someone only died because of an EU requirement) that Troy and Riker from TNG were accessing for advice. Yawn. But, maybe the crappy unsatisfactory ending was mirroring the crappy unsatisfactory cancelation!


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