the truth is out there

Posted: 05/04/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

On the way home this evening, I was trying to fathom why people always seem surprised when I tell them I REALLY like StarTrek and StarWars. The topic cropped up at work (you know how it does). One minute you’re talking about Las Vegas and then the next you’re singing the praises of the LV Hilton’s StarTrek exhibit. And then I found myself explaining how the aliens can speak English because of the universal translator and the reason why the various crews of the Enterprise/DS9/Voyage don’t die when they visit strange new worlds is because they only beam down to M-class planets (that can support humanoid life forms). My word, did these people learn nothing in college!

I think it is generally assumed that people who are into SciFi believe in Area 51, aliens and flying saucers. Not necessarily true. Though I support SETI, I think it highly unlikely that we will find intelligent life elsewhere. But, I am very much pro-space exploration and space tourism. Another thing it got me thinking about is would I have still gone out with Alex if he wasn’t into all of this (in some ways far more knowledgeable than me, definitely about real space stuff and holodeck technology)? Probably not, I think it is safest when trekkies come in pairs.


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