may day

Posted: 05/01/2005 in television

I’ve been so busy toiling away that I neglected many things, one of which is lamenting the demise of Enterprise. There have been some cracking episodes in the last few weeks: Orion slave girls, plenty of tension between T’Pol and Trip, and the old sci-fi standby – parallel universe. The two part ‘In a Mirror, Darkly’ took us on a journey to the dark side of human nature and my word they really went the whole hog, even changing the opening credits to reflect a more violent time. It was Star Trek at its best, camping it up and poking fun at the original series.

It is a shame that like the Buffy crew, Enterprise (in particular Jolene Blalock) have been snubbed by the mainstream awards. There is still plenty of prejudice to Sci-Fi (far to many people still snigger when I tell them this among other things floats my boat), but hey if any of the cast wander down Wisteria Lane then I am sure the accolades will start flying. Since I am on the subject of Desperate Housewives a prediction – I think that there will be a Wasp Factory like twist about Zach Young.


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