a room within a room

Posted: 04/16/2005 in Daily Grumbling

There is a shed in my living room.

It has invisible walls, and cocoons Alex’s computer desk space. When he enters his shed, he transforms into shed-boy and does not want to be disturbed unless I am bearing light refreshments. Sheds belong at the end of a garden, not next to your sofa.

I think when we next move, we will need to upgrade ourselves to a three room apartment (or at least one bed plus den). After nearly ten years of our two room existence I think it is time we expanded. Alex is worried that if he physical has his own annexed space it will turn into a black hole and he will never see me again. He does not see what is wrong with the current situation.

But, if I am in the same room as another human, that I like, I am forced to communicate with them. Their presents disturbs me and I can’t channel them out (unlike shed-boy). So maybe the solution will be for me to have the study, my own shed, and I can temporarily disappear – study, read, whatever – and materialise when done.

It is also worth pointing out that he has a mobile shed too, his smart phone.

  1. Ange says:

    Leah – can you email your full address to me at Deloitte please? Sending the wedding invites out soon. Its Thursday 22 september btw.

    Hope you and Alex are keeping well,

    Love from

    ange and andy

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