squarish eyes (warning may contain vague spoilers)

Posted: 04/12/2005 in television

Oh, my word exactly how much do I love House, and having Hugh Laurie back in prime time? My heart rate is definitely elevated, if that is any indication, every Tuesday night. I just pray to the gods of light entertainment (Dioysus, are you listening) that they work Stephen Fry into an episode – how great would that be??? Tonight’s show was delightful. Loved it when Wilson (or should that be Watson) totally punk’d House on his feelings for Cameron. Loved it even more when Cameron went for the BIG gesture of friendship and he couldn’t even shake her hand.

Since I am wandering about in tv-land, a few more thoughts. Last night’s 24 – what the f$%^, Jack. Put your phone on vibrate when you are on a covert op . All I know about the nuclear football is from last seasons NCIS (a bastion of truth), but isn’t it meant to be hand cuffed to some military dude, shouldn’t Jason the good Samaritan have found it attached to a limb? I am finding myself rather smitten with Tony, the beat-up bad boy look rather suits him over the too slick smug look of seasons past. Plus, every time he looks at Michelle his facial expression is screaming “I went to jail for you, and you left me with nothing….NOTHING…apart from this beer belly”.

I am not sure about the season finale of The West Wing, I like that we’ll be seeing more of Jimmy Smits (who will be even bigger after the summer blockbuster) but I am feeling uneasy about the surprise of Leo running as VP. It screams of a little too much, too late. I am so over NBC being a powerhouse network…what have they done to their, once unstoppable, Thursday night line up??? I will give the new mini-series Revelations a go, but only because of Bill Pullman.

BTW, on the way into the office I past a group of Mariah Carey fans who had queued (how many times today did I have to mentally force myself to say ‘lined up’ to my American co-workers) over night to meet her at a Best Buy on Broadway….but it’s not even Star Wars!

  1. The Hubby says:

    And not to mention that, if the DOD is so concerned with losing the ‘Football’, why can’t they just round up some Delta Force operators or Navy SEALs to descend en mass at the landing site? DOD can only managed with a CTU helicopter with Jack and a disposible backup?

    Oh, I forgot, those Delta Force and Navy SEAL are assisting the evacuation of the nuclear plant area. Stupid me…

  2. Claire says:

    I can’t think of anything worse than seeing Mariah Carey let alone queuing to do so!

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