surreal life

Posted: 04/11/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

I faced one of my, numerous yet adorable, irrational phobias today – not water and all things nautical, or ceramic knickknacks with limbs (my mother once had a sugar bowl or milk jug with stripy blue legs), or chokers (which evolved from a late night viewing of Bride of Frankenstein), but mannequins. I find them creepy, and I am uneasy when they out number me. Have you never felt like you were being watched when you are the lone shopper in a department store, and all the sales assistants have mysteriously vanished. But my main reason for being traumatized is the Doctor Who episode that had them come alive! I know it is silly. Today I found myself in a store that rented out the plastic vixens, and having a conversation about whether we wanted heads or non-heads or if dress forms would be a better option!!!

  1. Fi says:

    I remember that episode! I was traumatised for years. I used to stand outside clothing shops
    and stare at the mannequins, waiting for them
    to burst out of the window and start shooting
    everybody down

    That particular episode was not good for 4-year olds viewing.

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