Posted: 04/09/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

I am currently annexed to the bedroom. Alex needed to spend some quality time with his Xbox. I think he is fed up with having to wait till I am asleep and playing it ‘quietly’ (or rather not having anytime during the week for gaming). So, I decided to take one for the team and sloped off to my chamber. Perhaps later tonight I will be rewarded with an episode with Jonathan Creek, alternatively he may carry on playing until the wee hours. I think I can compare the call of Halo to the Sirens that my other hero, Odysseus, came across on his journey home. Their beautiful and enchanting song lured sailors to steer their ships into the jagged rocks that surrounded their island. Alex, in his own way, gets enchanted by computer games and from time to time forgets me…..

……but it’s okay. I have caught up on a weeks worth of The Archer’s episodes and finished another excellent Commissario Brunnetti mystery ‘Death in a Strange Country’.


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