where art he?

Posted: 04/04/2005 in Daily Grumbling

Alex appears to have fallen down a rabbit hole. He text’d me to say he was leaving work around 7ish and it is now nearly quarter to 24 time. There a crispy creme donut waiting to be devoured with a cup of coffee when he puts in an appearance.

I should have spent this evening studying rather than catching up on my blogging, but hey my mother needs to know what I have been up to. I received my Amazon.co.uk parcel today. The how to learn ancient Greek books look scary (I have a feeling it will be baby steps to get to grips with it), the book about Women in Classical Antiquity (could have been subtitled what ancient Greek chicks did before the mall) looks informative and fun. But, the one I am most drawn to is Patrick Marber’s play Closer. I decided to order the text, so see what cutting dialogue had been left out. I really wish I had seen it at the National in 97, when it had Clive Owen and Ciaran Hinds in the lead – wow!

I hear a key in the lock……


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