Posted: 04/04/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

From time to time I worry that I am on the slippery slope towards senility or dementia. I possess a degree in geology, but I don’t remember a thing. Not a sausage, or rather not one boring bivalve, the stratigraphy of Scotland or the mineralogy of those lumpy grey rocky things that filled our labs (feldspar, there was always a hell of a lot of feldspar). Those three years are morphing into a Memento-esque episode, except I have a student loan and a certificate instead of the dodgy tattoos.

Then, last week I had a brain wave. Easter Monday was very slow at work and to occupy myself I started doing essay plans for The Odyssey, without the book. Yes, I am that much of a Greek geek that I know Odysseus adventures back to front. So, there can’t be anything wrong with my memory, so perhaps the problem was that I never retained anything from the course in the first place. If I never knew anything, then there was nothing to forget! Genius. I think whilst in the hallowed halls of Manchester university, I only had a light dusting of geological know how that was washed off by the first shower after departing the city.


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