better the devil you know

Posted: 04/04/2005 in film

With Constantine it is the cameos that almost maketh the movie (and a movie it is rather than a film). Keanu Reeves plays an all knowing, grumpy hero who is damned to burn in Hell so is trying to win favour with the big guy upstairs by banishing half bred demons (whilst smoking himself to an early grave). It had the potential to be gripping and entertaining yarn, if it had had the courage to either go darker or funnier, instead of slumming it in mediocrity of not wanting to offend.

Sure, Keanu is cute. Rachel Weisz is not in the least bit annoying as the love interest, and there is a great scene in a bath with some truly wicked facial expressions. Then there are the cameos: Gavin Rossdale, as a Patrick Bateman style Balthazar was fun (for a while), and Tilda Swinton has a gender bending Gabriel was brilliantly introduced to us. But, she descended into a pantomime style character when she started wearing bondage trousers. Maybe if I knew the bible better then I might have found it more enjoyable, more of a comedy of errors.

Another Hollywood movie out at the moment is Miss Congeniality 2, fun and frothy like a cappuccino. Packed full of slap stick and “isn’t beauty shallow” jokes. But, I was never able to get over my disappointment that Michael Caine wasn’t in the sequeal. I really should have checked the listings.


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