update from a desperate housewife

Posted: 04/03/2005 in Daily Grumbling, television

I have just finished watching my Sunday night does of nonsense from Wisteria Lane, another delicious, but very silly, episode. The wonderful Marlee Matlin guest starred, as a ballsy deaf mother who over stepped the mark when getting her daughter to translate (made me long for a strong story line involving Joey Lucas on The West Wing). I think that Bree is my favourite housewife, I love her anal retentive peppiness! But, I do wish they wouldn’t keep stressing that Gabrielle was a runway model, yeah right, in the children’s department, maybe!

I think I am a little saner today. The flat warming went well, the pork was outstanding (even is I do say so myself), and I won the obligatory game of Scene It (with a little help from Alex). After all the hard-work of getting everything straight, it has been brilliant to spend a lazy Sunday kicking back in our spotless apartment and not having our sight lines ruined by bloody boxes everywhere.

  1. tahmina says:

    love desperate house wife but i think they should speed things up cause the story semms to drag on and there is no ending

  2. tammy says:

    love mike he is sooooooooooooooo buff

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