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Posted: 03/24/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

This was going to be a post about budgeting. How I need to buckled down and save for my course (fees due in May). So I should probably not be splashing out on a bought lunch everyday and buying little Easter eggs in Dean & Deluca. But, I had a nice letter waiting for me upon my return tonight, the results from my January exams…….an A in Sociology. Pat on the back time for me, and a dance on the kitchen table.

I know I have taken a very long wind route in going back to university. Taking another batch of A-levels as a taster of what might suit and a good test to see if I have the right stuff for academia again, wasn’t the path most people would choose. And I get the feeling that some of my friends and family think I’m a little barmy (well they’d be right). But, mostly I did it this way to prove to myself and Alex that going back to school is the right thing for me.

I remember roughly when I had the sudden brain wave that I could be contented if I did another degree and it might save my brain from fading away. It was a summer night in July 2003, I’d only been back in the states for a few weeks since going to London to have my wisdom teeth removed (before I get angry comments about NHS tourism – I’d been on the waiting list since 2000 and they were compacted and painful). It was hot and I couldn’t sleep. It probably didn’t help that I still couldn’t open my mouth very wide and that the left side of my tongue was numb. I was restless, hungry and grumpy (a powerful combination). I decided that the reason why I felt restless was because I hadn’t taken English A level (not the humidity, temperature or pain, but a profound lack of Chaucer). In my mind, at that moment in time, if I had studied a bit more poetry and sentence construction everything would be okay. I did what most rational people would do at 1am, I start surfing for distance learning A level courses. Because if I do English everything will be okay. I found the wonderful people at NEC, and the rest is history (well English Lit & Lang, Classics, Sociology and Economics).

In the past two years I have consistently being getting A’s and B’s, and I am going back to uni in the fall. To top that, and set my sights high, I am going to bloody well learn Ancient Greek, Latin, get at least a 2:1 and go onto grad school! Say hello to the 28 year old girl genius (yes, I will be slightly insufferable for the next few days).


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