all quiet on the blogging front

Posted: 03/13/2005 in Daily Grumbling

I know it’s a blogging cliche, but I have been a tad busy this week. Trying to split myself between starting the new grown-up job, packing and study prep. The result is a very tired blogger, whose apartment bears more than a passing resemblance to an airports baggage hall (rather than a cosy domicile). But, I have finally achieved a capsule wardrobe. Just a few chosen tops and bottoms are hanging in my closet, since everything else has been squished into some very dusty suitcases, it should simplify tomorrows clothes choice.

On the studying front, I have decided that discipline is the only way to succeed. I am trying to force myself to knuckle down to an hour or two after getting home from work. Easy at the moment since Alex doesn’t get back till around eight, whilst I am home by a very respectable six thirty. Since my first years courses are going to build on what I have already covered in my A-level I figured I should go over the course again. That way I will not be reinventing the wheel come the fall. But, I am trying to decide if I should order a book to start learning ancient Greek? Will this stretch me a little too much or a fun way to fill my lunch breaks? I know, my current definition of “fun” would scare my former self.


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