validate me

Posted: 03/08/2005 in television

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while, but have been procrastinating my time away. There appears to be an consensus amongst the powers that be that the what’s on telly is being dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. Culminating in hours of trashy reality and talk shows (humans have evolved to much in the past decade that we have sadly lost the ability to repress). The flip side isn’t so much smart shows, like PBS documentaries, but the pseudo smart shows. They use big words, talk fast and there are cool graphics where you actually go inside the body or the crime scene. They like to pretend that we, the viewer, are intelligent. That some how we are not going to catch on to the clock work like revelation that occurs somewhere between the thirty-sixth to forty minute of the show, every week without fail.

The BBC news had an article on the dangerous side effect that ‘too much’ hinky information can have on society. Our reality is being skewed and tampered with – where are the temporal police when you need them? If a crime is committed against my kith or kin then I want it solved in 60 minutes (minus commercials). Sometimes to balance out the pseudo science I get Alex to watch tv and validate it for me. He is particularly useful for a new crime show from the Scott brothers – Numb3rs. A Maths professor teams up with the FBI to solve mysteries using mathematics. Everything is after all numbers, but the formula is not always correct.

Anyway, isn’t blogging an off shoot of the reality craze, yet another medium where the public are entertaining themselves. Are we trained writers or happy amateurs just eager to throw in our ten cents? Life is after all just a game show, or is it a stage and we are actors playing our parts – I get so confused these days between Big Brother and Big Billy.


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