diversion activity no. 186

Posted: 03/08/2005 in books

I should be laying out my clothes for the BIG day tomorrow, packing my bag or even picking out a phone cover to go with said outfit. Instead I am whiling away the evening adding even more things to Amazon wish list (it is getting quite out of hand), watching an old Poirot (it was Inspector Morse yesterday – I had forgotten what a delightful snob he was) and contemplating this mememe from being me.

Name three of your favorite series:

Being an ardent fan of the mystery genre, I have ample series to choose from. Anything by Alexander McCall Smith is a good place to start, he is the ultimate serial serialist. I am particularly fond of getting back to Isabel Dalhousie. Ian Rankin would have to be next, I adore Rebus. He is battered and flawed, which is why he is such a good anti-hero. My third series would have to be a tie between JK Rowling, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials and Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Name three series you think went on too long:

Other than Friends and X-Files??? John Grisham’s work, though not a series, is overly familiar and could be the same plot Xeroxed to death. Desperately trying to grab straws – I think I tired of Nancy Drew and the Chalet something books as a kid (do they count?).

Name three books you wished had been a series:

I really hope that Helen Fielding does develop Olivia Joules into a series as she is jolly good fun. I’d like to know what happens next in I Capture the Castle. This one really is cheating, as it is a series but they are out of print, so are rather expensive to get hold of – Cold Comfort Farm. If anyone wonders what to get me for my birthday (9 months away) Christmas at CCF or Conference at CCF, would be wonderful!!!!


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