clutter bug

Posted: 03/07/2005 in Daily Grumbling

I detest packing, as I appear to be a paper and junk magnet. Where do all these things come from? I suspect third party or possible alien involvement. At night, whilst I sleep, I am sure that someone creeps in to clutter up the surfaces and deposit extra paper on my desk.

I aspire to a minimalistic lifestyle. I yearn for clear shelves and surfaces. To refrain from bring home pointless ticket stubs. What mysterious force prevents me from popping them in the trash whilst I am out, other than to establish an alibi (too many mystery shows growing up). As I box up two years worth of belongings and rubbish, I dread uncovering my hidden stashes that are scattered about the place in a squirrel like fashion. So far I have come across my wisdom teeth (removed in London, circa 2003), a frankly embarrassing number of pens (all variety and colour), old correspondents (never to be read or glanced at again), half used diaries and notebooks, and far too many ticket stubs and receipts. Then there are the scraps of paper with possible future book purchases, and torn out articles from magazines. But, at least I have cured myself of the need to collect and keep all the periodicals that I read, so perhaps there is hope for me…


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