emerald mile

Posted: 03/05/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

For purely mercenary economic reasons Hoboken celebrates St. Patrick’s Day a week or so earlier than every where else, otherwise it would not be able to compete with the big (green) apple. When we left the flat this morning the streets were full of green people milling around or green people queuing to get into the local pubs. By the time we got back from Manhattan the air smelt of beer and there were plenty of drunk people, who if they weren’t green before now had that hue about them from indulging in one to many, stumbling about. The funniest thing I saw was one of the street venders collection of Irish theme merchandise. Amongst the green hats and tees were a variety of helium filled balloons. I assume that Shrek and the Hulk were included because of their colour, but surely that is discriminating against the Green Goblin, the jolly green giant and the green cross code man! Representation for all.


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