complaining 101 (revised)

Posted: 03/01/2005 in Daily Grumbling

This started off life as a lament about my current assignment as a receptionist. It is a very quiet, but posh, company and they don’t seem to expect that much of me. Yesterday I was annoyed that there wasn’t enough to do, even though I managed to keep myself entertained by reading ‘The Third Man’ I felt a little under used (perversely I don’t like being idol at work, though I have no problem with it at home). Plus, they are making me wear a silly jacket that is too large, and the shoulder pads are jutting out over my slim frame. But, since it is only for a week Alex says I am not allowed to grumble and he is right. Today I had a fab time, it is proving to be a good refresher course on the ‘phones’ and I have nearly finished Anna K.

Effectively I am being paid to read Tolstoy and it takes my mind off waiting to hear about last Friday’s interview (I am promised a decision in the next 24 hours).

  1. gideon says:

    enjoy often catch up on your life reading your blog, good luck with the result of your job interview and just wanted to draw your attention to a freudian? spelling mistake in your post idol = idle…….

  2. flaming zinc says:

    What can I say I am idle idol with dyslexic leanings 🙂

  3. G.o.L. says:

    Reminder that family – ‘idoling’ while temping record still held by G.o.L. – Scottish Lighthouse Board, Edinburgh, circa 1970- handsewing Vyella shirts for the spouse, christening robes, and various other garments – filed in the deep desk drawer, and War & Peace in the busiest department of the Mental Hostpital, circa 1973….what can I say – it is in the jeans…..

  4. The Hubby says:

    Very funny, MIL… You should have your own blog… “in the jeans”!

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