Oscars '05

Posted: 02/27/2005 in film

My disjointed ramblings for tonight….

Chris Rock, v funny. Especially the cracks about Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell. Please get him back next year.

Clive Owen lost out to Morgan Freeman for best supporting actor. I can’t begrudge it, as it is long over due, but he should have won for The Shawshank Redemption so Owen could have won it tonight (but I am slightly biased).

Am confused they seem to be doing weird things to the format, sometimes all the nominees are on stage (a bit like the Miss World), then it switched back to traditional style and now Cate Blanchett is hovering in the aisle like an ice cream seller waiting to pounce.

My word, Bouncy is singing in French!

Scarlett Johanson step away from the bleach. Over processed hair is not a good look, please see Christina for advice.

Most embarrassing moment so far- Pierce Brosnan presenting with a cartoon.

No, no, no, no, no Cate Blanchett should not have won. It should have been either Sophie Okonedo or Natalie Portman. Come on, do you think Blanchett would have won it Hepburn had not died in 2003? In real life Hepburn was nominated twelve times but only won four – this does not even the score.

Now did they really loose Catherine Zeta Jones, or was it an unfunny and uncomfortable set up.

Why wasn’t Closer nominated for best adapted screenplay? But, I am glad that Sideways won.

Is that Mickey Rooney in the audience? I thought he was dead.

Bouncy is back with a new friend, two black eyes and a chandelier distributed about her person.

It is nearly 11pm and I am tiring. This is a v sanitised and dull Oscar night – no scandal and no bad dresses.

Come on Imelda, come on Imelda, oh damn it I just knew Hilary Swank was going to get it – boring.

Am losing the will to watch, where is Cher or Bjork when you need them? Oh, Gwennie looks as cute as a button.

Oh, Don Cheadle didn’t win. But he looked suitably pissed, and apparently Jamie Foxx sees dead people.

Big shocker Clint won for directing. Is it me, or do award shows get more vapid and predicable the older you get? And on that note I am off to bed.

  1. Claire says:

    Brilliant commentary of the evening…one of the best I’ve read so far and gave me a real sense of what was going on as I wasn’t able to watch it!

  2. Daisy says:

    It was on at silly o’clock over here so this (hilarious) commentary is much appreciated.

  3. flaming zinc says:

    Glad my cultural commentary is of help, and the four days wasted watching the Oscars was not a total right off!!!!!

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