India – London – LA – London – India

Posted: 02/22/2005 in film

(in one film)

I had a severe case of movie theatre jet lag after seeing Gurinda Chadha‘s Bride and Prejudice. The exotic locales, riot of colorful clothes and an gluttony of characters. I really enjoyed it – it’s funny, full of sharp observations and plenty of dancing! Jane Austen’s novel sits very comfortably in the Indian setting, with this centuries class conflicts nicely mirroring their 19th century counterparts. This adaptation does not deviate greatly from the original novel, so if you know it back to front (like me) then there are no great surprises but you can concentrate on the singing and delight in how they have updated it. The clergyman replaced with an accountant with a greencard, sister Mary’s terrible performing is now a snake dance, checking for letters is now logging on, and Wickham is a dharma bum. The cast are all wonderful, but there is so much to take in I might need a second sitting to fully appreciate it!


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