I blame the parents!

Posted: 02/21/2005 in Daily Grumbling, film

In company there are certain subjects that you try to avoid, traditionally politics and religion, you can now add cartoons to the list. At the weekend, Alex confessed to never seeing any of the Disney animated features. No Cinderella, Fantasia or Lion King, to name just three. The reaction from our friends was equal to Thyestes’ discovery that he had just been tricked into eating on his own children, they looked upon him as a baby barbecuing barbarian.

“You’ve never seen Finding Nemo or Mulan”, they screamed, “What about Bambi, everyone has seen Bambi”.

“Nope”, Alex replied with a slight smirked (me thinks he set the cat among the pigeons on purpose).

Then the interrogation turned to me, and I think they hoped I would set my husband straight. But, I’m afraid that I disappointed them to. The last traditional Disney flick that I saw was Robin Hood and that was nearly eighteen years ago. It was the first video that our mum ever rented, Jonty and I chained viewed it all weekend. But, I think our obsession had more to do with our fascination with the legend – remember Michael Praed in Robin of Sherwood.

Mickey Mouse and his friends, just don’t do it for me entertainment wise. Don’t get me wrong I love traditional fairy tales, but I much prefer either reading them or via the slightly darker Jim Henderson’s The Storyteller approach. I think because my brother and I were raised by celluloid freaks the whole ‘kid friendly animation’ phase was by-passed. We were probably about eleven or twelve when we started to watch more grown-up features, but there was nothing that scarred or traumatized us (or so we think). The parental unit was always present, monitoring our viewing, and it was a far more controlled environment than sneaking off to a friends for some slasher or horror flick. Hmmmm, wasn’t Mum a clever old boot! Under her tutelage we grew up with Woody Allen, Peter Weir, Scorsese, and of course Ridley Scott. Not to mention our Granny’s input of Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Ealing comedies and World War 2 themed films.

Then throw in an unhealthy amount of Red Dwarf, Bottom and Blackadder, and it probably explains why talking rabbits and candlesticks failed to appeal post single digits.


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