CSI-ER TiVo Paradox

Posted: 02/03/2005 in Web/Tech

I know this one has been raging in cyberspace for a while. But, up until tonight we had clumsily managed to get around it. Season Pass for CSI, and then at 9:58 real eastern time I’d manually record ER. This is not a particularly satisfactory arrangement. Whilst I was on vacation we missed one episode, as it is a hard thing to remember to do if you are not watching television at the time or like tonight, watching something from TiVo. Because you have to remember to pause TiVo, switch to live, stop recording CSI and switch channels to record ER. Dull. Tonight we forgot and have lost the first 8 minutes or so. In the future I think we are going to have set up one SP and one pre-set manual record, but there is no true satisfactory way around it – either you risk missing finding out who did it or how they got sick. But, I am willing to take one for the team, unless some bright spark has a way around it that doesn’t involve VHS or multiply TiVos.

NB. Despite this minor hiccup I would not swap TiVo for all the tea in China, and I think this might be my first ‘web/tech’ category post 🙂

  1. Alex says:

    No, there is no paradox (at least for me) and it is more like I have been letting your CSI to take priority over ER for far too long. I am partial to CSI since it is more standalone and I am more or less bored with cop/mystery show. ER on the other hand is more multi-episodes story telling series.

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