a mixed bag of reviews

Posted: 02/03/2005 in film

Been a bad blogger by hoarding film reviews from two continents and a plane ride. I must try and post as I go, rather like the cooking motto regarding washing up.

London: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Mum got me the first three books for Christmas, but I hadn’t read them before seeing it and wow what a wonderful film. I was a little wary of Jim Carrey, has he can be slightly annoying but was so good in The Truman Show that I like to give him the benefit of the doubt, and Meryl Streep – but both were wonderful (plus there’s Billy Connolly and Timothy Spall). It is the tale of the Boudelaire (such an edible name) children, who become the Boudelarie orphans and battle against the evil Count Olaf whilst moving from relative to relative. The underlying plot is reminiscent of Kind Hearts and Coronets, and I just wanted to run out and buy Violet’s clothes – serious vintage rules!

In Flight Entertainment on VS01: Alfie, 13 Going On 30 and I Heart Huckabees

Alfie: It was filmed in Manchester, UK and NYC – having lived in both cities I was over joyed that I could tell the difference in the out door scenes. I guess if you squint then Manchester is the big apple of the north. Yes, Jude Law is delightful, he is an achingly good dresser and all his love interests are yummy. But, I was expecting more of an upbeat comedy and by the end it was so sad, so self indulgent (Alfred needs a blog to vent on) and so not what I needed. Next up a romcom.

13 Going On 30: Not good. Painfully bad in parts and mildly entertaining in others (Thriller dancing and Mark Ruffalo) – rent Big.

I Heart Huckabees: I was a little bummed that I missed this at the cinema (so many films, so little time), so I was excited that it was playing on the plane. I was getting a bit tired when this started, and I kept falling asleep – but what I saw was v kooky and odd and I loved it. Maybe I should become an existential detective?

NYC: In Good Company and A Very Long Engagement

In Good Company: Dennis Quaid plays the manager who is replaced by a younger model, Toper Grace (the real break out star of That 70s Show), and forced to become his “wing man”. It’s a nice film, a gentle but thoughtful comedy. It will hit a note if you’ve ever gone through company take over, the associated office politics and the mumbo jumbo that is ‘business speak’.

A Very Long Engagement: Oh, after seeing this I wanted to pack up and go live in a French village (I’d last all of five minutes). Everything is so beautiful – the food, clothes, the people and romance. My only complaint is that the Jodie Foster love triangle seemed more passionate and interesting than the Mathilde/Manech relationship.

  1. jennifer c. says:

    I disagree with 13 Going On 30. Granted, it wasn’t very good, but it didn’t really promise anything of greatness either. I expected absolutely nothing going into that flick, and came out rather happy to have seen the thriller scene, and other “mildly entertaining” parts (and Mark Ruffalo, of course). Big wasn’t as cute as this. This was just a cute, mindless flick. These types of films have their time and place.

    In Good Company, I do agree with you on that. I’m sure many people disappointed, because the “romantic” aspect is really a non-part of the movie. All those people going just for Scarlett are terribly disappointed, I know. Thumbs up on your review.

  2. flaming zinc says:

    You’re right, they do have a time and place – I think I felt that she was “over” playing the little girl lost which annoyed me and clouded my enjoyment of the film.

    I thought the “non-romance” was one of the best bits of INC (can we read anything into the acronym) to and was it just me or is Scarlett’s voice getting deeper?

    Guess what I have just finished watching….Say Anything 🙂 Love that film.

  3. jennifer c. says:

    :Gasp: I was just talking about that movie earlier. Looove John Cusack. What a wonderful flick. Reading that brought a huge smile to my face 😀

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