Posted: 01/27/2005 in film

With more and more books resembling screen plays in waiting it is probably not that odd that this weeks Oscar nominations reflect a well stocked biography section. Right up there with flights of fantasy are tales of reluctant heroes, media icons, behavioral scientists, musicians, and an obsessive author.

With every year I seem to loose just a little bit more interest in award shows – I think there is a glut and a cull is called for. Perhaps they should resemble the Olympics and only occur every four years. Now that really would be a competition.

Enough of my grumbling, my thoughts – I am very happy with Don Cheadle, Thomas Haden Church, Clive Owen, Imelda Staunton, Sophie Okonedo, Natalie Portman and the writing nods for Sideways, Hotel Rwanda and Vera Drake.

But, why go for the sentimental with Best Picture and ignore the slightly disturbing but excellent HR, VD, Man on Fire and Closer. How can you ignore, in any category, the kooky Garden State, Good Bye Lenin or Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself or the simply divine The Merchant of Venice or Stage Beauty. Slightly perturbed by the absence of Stephen Fry’s witty adaptation of Vile Bodies, and Peter O’Toole’s moving turn in Troy.

But, hey ho – it is only a game show.


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