london day 2

Posted: 01/08/2005 in Stuff & Nonsense

So I am back.

I survived a packed flight and sitting next to a mathematician with v poor social skills. I had to restrain myself from tapping him on the shoulder and informing him that he’d never get a girl-friend if he continued to pick his nose in public and examine the findings (as he did that for practically the whole flight).  Other than that it was fine, I got through two chapters from my sociology text book, two hundred pages of Anna Karenina and progressed to the next level on my computer game. I sneakily ordered a ‘special meal’ (low salt) so that I would get fed before everyone else. I can put up with a rice cake instead of a muffin if it means eating whilst the food is still hot.

  1. Fi says:

    It’s bad enough to pick your nose in public but to investigate your findings!?

    What do you think of Anne Karenina? I

  2. flaming zinc says:

    I am enjoying it more than Doctor Zhivago, but the long Russian names are a challenge for a dyslexic…..

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